Dr. Jaume Pérez Sánchez

Profesor de investigación

Over 30 years experience in aquaculture, fish nutrition, physiology and nutrigenomics

The research Group of Nutrigenomics is focus on gilthead sea bream, but also deals with studies in other farmed fish species (European sea bass, common dentex, turbot, Senegalese sole, trout). The ultimate goal is to develop new bio-technological tools for the sustainable development and validation of new fish feeds, using safe alternative raw materials and additivies to improve the overall performance and health status of farmed fish, also preserving the nutritive value of marked fish.

Currently, the Nutrigenomics Group participates in 4 European projects of the H2020 (AQUAEXCEL2020, PARAFISHCONTROL, PERFORMFISH, GAIN), coordinates a National AGL2014 project, and participates in a JACUMAR project (PROGENSA III). In addition, the Group has signed several R&D contracts with companies of aquafeeds and additives (BioMar, NOREL, SPAROS) and different National (UB, ULPGC, IRTA) and European (University of Algarve, University of Porto) Research Groups.

The average of peer-reviewed publications of the Nutrigenomics Group is 12 SCI publications per year in the last four years (2014-2017), with an annual income of more than 400,000 €. The Group also participates actively in the organization of International Events and Dissemination Workshops aimed at R&D managers and general audiences.