Nutrigenomics and Fish Growth Endocrinology Group

Institute of aquaculture Torre de la Sal, CSIC

Team leader, Jaume Pérez Sánchez 
Ph.D in Biological Sciences, Barcelona University 1988 
Research Professor CSIC 
Researcher ID K-3231-2014 
Vice-director Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal, IATS (1994-1999) 
Director Institute Aquaculture Torre la Sal (2000-2011) 
Head of Department of IATS from 2011 
Member of the Committee of Agricultural Sciences of CSIC from 2012 
Ph.D. Thesis Supervised: 11 
Contributions to National & International Congresses: 107 
Total number of publications: 133 
SCI Publications: 105 
SCI Publications (first quartile) > 75 
Citations > 2670 
Average number of citations per year (2009-2013): 219 
Index H: 31 

For further information visit the group website: 

Nutrigenomics and Fish Growth Endocrinology


Main Collaborators:

Fish Pathology Group, IATS, CSIC
Research Institute for Pesticides and Water, UJI, Castellón, Spain
Department of Physiology & Immunology, Faculty of Biology, UB, Spain
NuMea (Nutrition Metabolism Aquaculture), Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle, INRA, France
LPGP (Physiology & Genomics), Rennes, INRA, France