Nutrigenomics and Fish Growth Endocrinology Group

Institute of aquaculture Torre de la Sal, CSIC

Aquaculture Europe conference (AE2014)

ARRAINA will host a session on fish nutrition at the Aquaculture Europe conference (AE2014) in San Sebastián, Spain, later this year. On Thursday the 16th October 2014, in the morning session the ARRAINA team will provide stakeholders and interested parties with the opportunity to learn more about the current and expected results of the ARRAINA project. 


The schedule for the AQUAEXCEL Industry Workshop at Aquaculture Europe 2014 is now available.

The event entitled "Research Infrastructures:adding value to European aquaculture industry" will provide a space for collaboration and interaction between the project’s partners and an audience primarily drawn from industry. The workshop will focus on presenting achievements and results of the AQUAEXCEL project which can positively contribute to the enhancement of aquaculture in Europe and which are demonstrably beneficial to the aquaculture industry.