What do we eat? Interactive tool for predictive modelling fish fatty acid composition


Fish are the most important source of ω-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids in the human diet and Aquafat project contributes to ensure the compatibility of new aquafeeds with healthy fish for human consumers.

The project yielded an interactive and highly informative tool of fillet fatty acid composition using a dummy regression approach.

The predictive tool requires information on dietary fatty acid composition and fillet lipid content.

The tool is initially developed for marine fish with a high value for the Spanish aquaculture (gilthead sea bream, European sea bass, turbot, sole). Future database updates will include in the model data from other fish species of interest in aquaculture (eg., Atlantic salmon, trout, and carp).

The application of the model allows the generation of tailored fish, helping to face the nutritional human recommendations and the sustainable utilization of marine raw materials in fish feeds.

AquaFat benefits of the ARRAINA EU project (www.arraina.eu) for the maintenance and updates of this fatty acid database.


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